Health Care; The Presidential Candidate’s Proposals

Over the next several posts, I’ll be reviewing and digesting the front runner’s positions and proposals on health care. All of the candidates have one but the only ones discussed here will be those that are easily available to everyone on a particular candidates website.

Most of them have broached the idea of health care reform and at times have used it as a topic of debate. No one has given details, at least in the debates or press conferences, how it will be paid for. As I mentioned in an earlier post, any hybrid program is doomed to failure because of corporate greed on one hand vs government inefficiency on the other.

The only way a hybrid program would conceivably work is if there were strict regulation, much like there is in the utilities industry. Many of you may recall when the oil and airline industries were regulated and what happened to prices AFTER deregulation. The reason for the regulation in those industries at the time was because of a small number of corporation having control of a high demand product or service, an oligopoly.

The insurance industry is much like that today. While there are many smaller firms offering health insurance, the bigger players still have the lion’s share of the market. The smaller outfits also can’t offer comparable benefits to as many providers because many providers don’t participate in smaller plans. It’s simply not worth their time.

So, if the candidates are truly committed to health care reform that provides good benefits at a reasonable cost, I’m ready to listen. But, I want details.

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