Health Care: Hilliary Clinton Style

I chose Hilliary as the first presidential candidate to review because she has tried and failed already during Bill’s first term as president. Let’s see if anything has really changed.

Hillary’s Healthcare plan can be viewed here for the cliff note version and the entire plan here, in pdf format.

Things I like about Hillary’s plan; guaranteed coverage, coverage for everyone and eliminating insurance company discrimination regarding whom to insure, whether to insure, and rate adjustments for higher risk patients.

Things I don’t like; everything else.

The lengthly, and often redundant, pdf version of her health plan contains a lot of rhetoric aimed at appeasing and attracting the simple-minded potential voter. Some key points to ponder;

1. Eliminating the employer exclusion for health insurance means that your employer will no longer be able to write off their cost of your health insurance premium as a business expense. Instead it will be included as taxable income to YOU. Of course, they’ll give a TAX CREDIT, to offset the extra tax you’re paying already.

2. Medicare 646 is a study commissioned by CMS (Medicare) to find more efficient ways to provide care. Here is the link. What Hillary is proposing as HER idea was actually put into place in 2005. Final applications were accepted Sept of 2006. Implementation of the study was to begin in 2007 and continue for 5 years. The object of the study is improving efficiency in government funded programs, not private. Most private insurance companies and providers are already implementing many, if not ALL, of the recommendation made by Hillary and still under study by CMS.

3. Hillary claims significant savings from preventative services and chronic disease management. But, Medciare stops paying for annual pap smears and mammograms for eligible Medicare women because those women are “too old” to have breast or cervical cancer. Breast cancer is still the #2 killer for women behind lung cancer. Most insurance companies and hospitals have already instituted disease specific management protocols because they have realized their fianancial rewards. The government funded programs have not.

4. Health insurance choice? If I were to choose what plan to accept; mine, federal employees or Medicare, I’d choose federal. They have the best coverage at the lowest cost, and we, as taxpayers, are paying for EVERY penny of it, even the amount the members of Congress pay “out of pocket” (we pay their salries too). Here is a link to their plans and premiums. See how they compare to yours.

5. Why opt for the most expensive plans (see earlier post for cost per person comparison)?. Expanding the already expensive and inefficient Medicaid program is not the answer. Neither is choosing a Medicare-like insurance option.

Be careful what you ask for, you just might get it. But, don’t let someone sell you a bill of goods just because it sounds good on the surface. There is no easy fix for any problem that consumes 16% of the US GDP. It’ll take a lot of time, compromise, sacrifice and pain to create something we can all live with. Let’s have the patience to tell all the candidates to look before we leap.

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