Presidential Health Care or Universal Health Care?

Now that the Democratic nominee race has turned into more of the typical “not so nice” form of campaigning, we finally see the finer points of attack between Obama and Clinton. Mailers sent out by Obama’s camp recently have blasted Clinton’s healthcare plan where it hurts the most. In the voter’s pockets. And Clinton is starting to look desperate and angry.

The mailer, which you can read here, focuses on the main point of contention betweenObama and Clinton; mandated coverage. While it may have appeared to be a plus when the plans were first announced, mandated coverage is now a weakness thatObama is exploiting with vigor.

Clinton’s plan, as I addressed in an earlier post, mandates coverage regardless of ability to pay. Yes, it does promise tax credits, but unless tax credits have changed, you don’t realize those credits until it’s time to file your taxes. And you still need to wait to get your refund. For families living payday to payday, they won’t be able to afford it when it’s mandated and will always be a year behind, waiting for the credit and refund. It also doesn’t say how much of a poor family’s premium the credit will cover.

The mailer also mentions “fines” for those who don’t purchase healthcare. So you make someone pay a fine who can’t afford healthcare in the first place, and then take MORE money out of their pocket? Sounds like the Sheriff of Nottingham.

When the weakness of mandated coverage was first discovered, Clinton made an appearance on THIS WEEK WITH GEORGE STEPHANOPOLOUS. He repeatedly and directly asked her about mandated coverage, fines and garnishing of worker’s wages. She skirted the whole issue initially, but George wouldn’t give up. Finally she did admit that if necessary, “we will have an enforcement mechanism — whether it’s that (wage garnishing) or it’s some other mechanism through the tax system or automatic enrollments”. She looked very uncomfortable while she said it too. You can read excerpts from the interview;

In the interview with George, Clinton seemed as if she really hadn’t thought through the whole issue, referring to congress and that they may “have some ideas” on how to mandate coverage. When is the last time congress came up with a practical or simple solution to anything? By the time they come up with their complicated,irrational and expensive solution, we’ll all be on Medicare.

Is the mailer factual? Absolutely. Does it make Clinton look bad? Absolutely. Is it smart to exploit someone’s weakness during a battle? Absolutely. Point to Obama.

The real winner in this battle is actually George Bush. Don’t hear much about the president with one of the lowest approval ratings in recent history anymore. He must be sooooooo happy.

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