Health Care Post Debate

Oh boy, oh boy! What fun.

Obama and Clinton faced off this evening in Cleveland, Ohio during a debate at Cleveland State University. NBC carried the debate with Brian Williams and Tim Russert moderating.

And of course, I had to be blessed with the two of them discussing healthcare as the first issue of the evening. And of course, they went at it like we knew they would. According to Brian Williams, “14 minutes on one subject”.

They both gave their opinions of each others’ plans but nothing truly new was discussed. The basic differences between them are the same that we have all heard before. So, was there any benefit to the voter watching the debate? Probably not.

Again, the specifics or “nuts and bolts” of the plans are absent. I have a very hard time getting my hands around either of their plans. Not necessarily in terms of concept, but from a position of wanting to see HOW it will actually function. I want to see a step by step presentation of the plan. Take a family of four and show me how each of their “talking points” applies to them. SHOW ME how, and how quickly, their cost saving measures will be implemented. What improvements in quality, not just required documentation, can they show?

Eventually, some form of universal healthcare will be attempted, either by the Republicans or the Democrats. And, it doesn’t really matter which plan gets implemented. The whole process is going to be slow, painful, confusing, expensive and inefficient. It will take YEARS before the smoke clears and we see what we really have or don’t have.

Can you imagine the amount of effort it will take to make a change in an industry that is responsible for 16% of the GDP of the United States? Talk about a 400 pound gorilla.

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