Universal Health Care; Button, Button, Who’s Got the Button?

After the debate, I decided that there really wasn’t enough information in each of the candidates posted healthcare plans to really formulate an accurate assessment of them. So, I decided to try to contact each candidate through their websites and asked specifically for additional written information or, better yet, a conversation with a person who is “in the know” about their respective healthcare plans.

I received an automated response from Clinton and Obama with the usual dribble about being so busy because of all the emails and support they receive that they can’t respond to every email personally. But the emails were able to direct me to links that informed me about how to contribute to their campaign, become a registered member of their team or how to find more information about them (but not about healthcare).

Interestingly, McCain didn’t even respond with an automated email. I guess he’s feeling so comfortable being unopposed on the Republican front that he doesn’t need any more help.

Anyway. None of them seem willing to help a poor helpless healthcare provider figure out how their individual healthcare plans are supposed to work. If they can’t explain it to me and I can’t figure it out on my own, how the heck is anyone else going to be able to understand it?

We’re all on our own. You’ll all be expected to vote for a candidate when you have less than full disclosure about their positions. Sounds like another election of the lesser of evils. God help us.

Doc B

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