Health Care and Politics

My state medical association called me again today. They wanted to know if they could entice me to rejoin the association, as they were preparing to “battle” the insurance companies. You see, I had let my membership lapse some time ago. They were offering all sorts of free gifts, aimed at the practicing physician; clinical tools to assist with patient care, programs designed for patient education and the like.

I kindly declined and he asked if I could explain my reason for not wanting to rejoin. I explained that as a practicing physician, I was more concerned with the care of my patients than I was about the politics. The medical association has been “battling” someone for years and never really won any of those battles on their own. Not a single issue was brought by them on behalf of the physicin membership and carried through to a successful, promised conclusion.

More money thrown at politicians to get their vote or sway their opinion. Unfortunately, no one feels sorry for the physicians. The public doesn’t care about issues like fair compensation, malpractice rates, frivolous lawsuits, sacrifices made during education and training, or missed opportunities with family. It’s hard to be a politician and side with the physicians in the face of their constituency. Not a very popular thing to do at all.

We recently had a level III snow emergency. That means that NO ONE was allowed on the roads except for emergency personnel and anyone caught out could be arrested. But guess who had to get up to go to work that day while everyone else, including some of the snow plow drivers, stayed in bed; me. Again.

On my way in I was thinking that on a day like that physicians, nurses, patient care assistants, x-ray technicians, paramedics, policeman, and the occassional snow plow driver, were all on our way to work worried more about being on time than about our own safety. I wonder how many people, aside from our own family and friends, were worried about us or appreciated the effort we were making to keep everyone safe and healthy. Not many I bet.

So when the medical association or PAC’s come calling, I don’t want to hear it. If we (the people I mentioned above) can’t get the respect and appreciation of the people we sacrifice ourselves to take care of, what the hell do I care if the politicians get more of my money to try to convince a bunch of people that don’t give a damn in the first place.

Go back to bed. We’ll take care of everything for you, just like we always do.

Doc B.

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