Democratic Health Care is Obama Health Care

Well, now that Obama has finally clinched the nomination without having to bargain with Hillary, we’ll get to see what the campaign should have looked like over the past several months. McCain has had an easy trip so far since the two front running Democrats were fighting each other instead of their Republican opponent. Obama has a lot of ground to make up, but so does McCain.

The campaigns will need to move hard and fast to cover all of the pertinent issues before the big push leading up to their respective conventions. Both would like to have momentum going in and a be on fire coming out.

McCain has been relatively quiet over the past few months while Clinton and Obama beat each other up and, likely, split the Democratic party. Obama is now left with trying to reunite the party and energize them over the next few months. Clinton made a mistake by not conceding sooner and possibly using her delegates as bargaining chips. Now that Obama doesn’t need Clinton’s delegates, he doesn’t need her either. Or does he?

Most likely Clinton and Obama will have to kiss and make up if Obama has any hope of truly uniting the party. Making peace means that Obama will have a better chance of keeping the Clinton voters in the Democrat’s fold. Keep in mind that each of them performed well with different groups within their party. Combined thay would be a force that could easily beat McCain in November. Obama will have to find some way of appeasing Clinton but, I think, without offering her the VP spot. The post will have to be a juicy one and lots of face time at the convention.

I also think that the Democrats will combine Clinton and Obama’s health care plans into a single plan. To be honest, they really weren’t that much different to begin with. Clinton wanted mandatory participation and Obama mandatory coverage for children. Either there is some form of mandatory coverage and some choice for all participants. I still think they’re all going about it the wrong way. As long as profit is a motivating factor, greed and corruption will be an inevitable component of the program. But, the government can’t run an efficient program either.

It appears we’ll have to take the lesser of two evils. But which one is less evil?

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  1. Life Insurance Canada on June 7th, 2008 at 6:03 am

    I am really very curious, how will your health care system will look like in few years. As a Toronto life insurance broker I believe it will influence also Canada’s policy. I can see just the opposite pressure here – private insurance wants to “spread wings”, but it’s blocked. But it will be inevitable after some years and I believe your new “mixture” of public and private insurance can be good example for us…

  2. I don’t think you’ll want to be following our example anytime soon. It will take YEARS before our new system of healthcare takes any kind of recognizable shape. Even then, it will take years to see if it works. By that time the presuures you mentioned in Canada will have already taken effect. Who knows? Our healthcare systems may crosspaths and actually resemble one another in several years but from different directions.

    Doc B.

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