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Ethics in Health Care

I have a very unique and privileged position in the current healthcare environment. Not only am I blessed to be a clinician (see patients), I have the additional honor of being involved in the administrative aspect of medicine as well. Because of my unique position, I hold many committee memberships. One of those positions added […]


Our Tax Dollars at Work?

Sorry, but today no healthcare related rant. Too much other juicy stuff going on that have made healthcare, the once hot topic, take a backseat. The most recent issues are certainly related around the economy and the resultant collapse of the credit markets and the banking system. Mortgage backed securities have become the junk bonds […]


Aletrnative Health Care Proposal-AMA Style

Finally, something else to talk about than the same ‘ol Republican/Democratic proposals. The American Medical Association has expanded it’s original recommendations for universal healthcare to the current “three pillar” approach. Overall, conceptually, it seems less painful than some of the political proposals, but has some not so pleasing aspects itself. You can read a synopsis […]