Obama’s Money is Buying My Misery; Enough Already!

Earlier one of my posts dealt with the amount of money each of the candidates and their respective parties had raised for the 2008 election year. Disgusting to say the least. As of the date of this post, the airwaves, and our senses, are being saturated with political advertising, local and national, Obama and McCain. Most I can tolerate, but they got on my last nerve tonight.

Southwest Ohio is experiencing an unusual warm stretch the weekend just before the election. Temperatures hovered near teh low 70’s and not a drop of rain on the horizon. I took this opportunity to work outside and actually went for a ride on my motorcycle (with a helmet) dressed only in t-shirt and jeans. The slight nip in the air was perfect. Upon arriving home I decided that this was an ideal day to take advantage of the warm weather and get another day of use out of my grill. I thawed out a nice ribeye steak that I had bought on sale earlier last week. Just as I was ready to sit down and enjoy my perfectly grilled steak…..

Of course the phone had to ring. I, like many people, use my cell phone as my primary phone. Anyone who knows me, knows to try my cell phone first. That means that if my home phone rings, either my cell phone isn’t working (everyone tries my home number as a back up to my cell) or I don’t know you. The offender who was interrupting my dinner today fell into the latter category.

Caller ID has allowed us to pre-screen our phone calls so we can pick and choose who we wish to talk to, before we even answer the phone. We are so accustomed to it on our cell phones that we can give a name, instead of just their number, to our frequent callers. The name shows up on the screen and again, we can decide whether or not to answer. Just like my home phone, if I don’t know the number , I don’t answer.

Back to dinner. I let the phone ring until it went to voicemail and then checked to see who it was. The toll free number, 877-622-6264, was in the caller ID display, but without any additional information. Since they left no message, I ignored it and sat down to enjoy my hot, juicy, delicious steak. Not more than 2 bites into my meal, the phone rang again. Guess what? Same number again. This time I answered. I was sure it was some sales call (despite being on the infamous “No Call” list) invading my Saturday evening dinner time and was ready to tear into them and say “No thank you. Please don’t call me again and take me off your list”. As soon as I answered and said “Hello” an obviously recorded voice began speaking about Barack Obama! I screamed into the phone; “Stop it!! Leave me alone!!” and hung up.

I took two slow deep breaths trying to calm down and relax before taking the much anticipated next bite of my steak. Proper digestion deserves a calm and relaxed consumer of a wonderfully prepared meal. As I relaxed and began enjoying my steak, you will never believe what happened. You guessed it! Another call from the same 877 number. This time I ignored it again and didn’t allow it to ruin the moment. I finished my steak (which I enjoyed immensely despite the Obama invasion into my meal time), then headed straight for my computer after cleaning my dishes.

So this is what the candidates are doing with all of the money they’ve collected? Harassing people at home, on the weekend, at dinner time, who are on the “No Call” list, not once but three times in rapid fire succession! And since Obama has more money than McCain, he is a much bigger offender. I think that this individual, direct to consumer type of advertising, may have the exact opposite effect than what the purveyors of this nuisance wanted. I was so frustrated and angry at this unwanted intrusion into my home, that it left me with an overall bad feeling for Obama.

I’m being bombarded with political advertising in my email, on my TV and radio, placards in yards and on roadsides, and billboards. But the main difference is that these are passive forms of advertising. I can choose to ignore them. They do not require my participation in any way shape or form. By calling my home they have come uninvited, invading my castle and making me an unwitting participant in this year’s obnoxious orgy of the gluttony that has become a self-righteous, self serving greed of political spending.

Exactly what is the ulterior motive that would drive the candidates to be so obnoxious, so disgusting, so political that they would sacrifice friends, family, reputation and dignity? If these are the qualities of our candidates, just what do you think they would say in their adds and to the American public just to get elected?

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