Enough Already!!!

I thought my last post was good enough to cover the barrage of advertising we are all being bombarded with, but I was wrong. If you recall, I explained that I don’t typically use my home phone and prefer to use my cell. A lot of us are of a similar thought. Since I don’t use it, I don’t usually check for messages. If you know me, you call my cell. But, when I got home today I checked the phone and the caller ID and saw four missed calls since I left for work this morning. One of them was my mother, and she did try my cell, and we had a nice conversation. The others I didn’t recognize so I decided to check the messages to see if there was anything important.

I dialed into my voicemail and the very pleasant but monotone, female, computer generated voice asked for my password. I entered it obediently, like I always do and was told by my unsexy female friend that I had 16 unheard messages. 16!!!! I’ve never had so many messages, ever. Not even on my business line after I’ve been on vacation for a week. I punched #11 to get my messages and guess what?

Those sixteen messages were from Oct 28 until today. Of the 16 messages, 11 were political. Most were presidential calls. I even got one from Sarah Palin herself. I’d like to think she took the time to call me personally, but I’m pretty sure it was recorded. I got one of those calls from GW in 2004 too. Told my kids I was important and that the president was calling me directly to ask for my support. I even let them listen to the message. Boy were they impressed!

When you add the three that I received in rapid succession yesterday, that is a total of fourteen out of nineteen phone calls that were political advertisements. Twelve of the fourteen were related to the presidential election. How much more of this can we take? I am so fed up with the whole process that I can’t imagine how each candidate’s supporters must feel. After all of this is over, they’ll all need a stiff drink, then go over into a corner somewhere and pass out for a few months. Actually, that sounds like a good idea right now.

When it’s all said and done, more than 2 billion dollars will have been spent on this election. All of us have had our senses saturated, invaded, bombarded, abused, molested and violated by the most disgusting presidential advertising campaign to date. I hope that there is actually such a thing as true campaign finance reform that someone proposes in congress after the election. And someone will bring it up. Not because it is the right thing to do , but because Obama kicked McCain’s butt raising money, giving him the most lopsided advertising blitz we have ever seen.

I just hope they add campaign robot calls to the no call list. Everything else I can ignore.

Doc B

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