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Health Care Reform: At What Cost?

The initial pieces of the Obama health  care reform, revealed today in excerpts published in newspapers and by Obama himself, show us some of the “how” behind the financing of his health care reform. Of the 634 Billion to be raised on the backs of “upper income” Americans, 318 Billion will come from reducing or […]


Obama Health Care. Finally? Part II

Anyone watching the presidential address this evening has no doubt that Obama will be known as one of the “great communicators” among American presidents.  His speech was forceful, uplifting, emotional, and at times, tearful. One topic of interest to me was related to the process of health care reform.  Previously, the promise was for universal […]


Obama Health Care. Finally? Part I

Things related to health care have been quiet lately, mostly because of the current economic crisis.  President Obama inherited a huge mess from George Bush, and it will take nothing short of a miracle, or just good old fashioned time, to make it better.  During his first month in office, Obama has overseen the most […]