Do You Love YOUR Ipad? Just Wait To See What’s Coming!

A recent article on The Health Care Blog titled “Doctors Love iPads. What Does it Mean? What Does it Mean?“, declared Apple the winner in the EHR/EMR world because it is the “#1 tech company in the world”.  Maybe.  But that also means that everyone else will be trying to knock the king of the hill off the top.  In much the same way that Apple was toppled from the top of the smartphone hill, they will be in a battle for market share of the ongoing tablet frenzy. In an article from CNN, author Adam Ostrow writes;

…one might jump to the conclusion that Apple has little to be worried about in the way of competitors to its iPad.

However, that would be a mistake.

While Apple sold nearly 15 million iPads in 2010 and closed the year with 75% market share in the tablet space, that was down from 95% in the third quarter of 2010, before the Galaxy Tab went on sale.

And regardless of whether or not the Galaxy Tab is a hit or a dud — Samsung claims its return rate is actually 2% — a slew of better Android devices are about to invade the market — not to mention offerings from other players including RIM and Palm.

“Also, let us not forget recent history. It was less than two years ago that pundits were beginning to suggest that Android was a failure. At the time, there were only two Android smartphones on the market, despite the dozens of partners that Google had announced at the launch of Android in late 2007.”

Gizmodo says: “If you consider where Android was when it started versus how far it’s advanced in 18 months with Android 2.2, you might get brain freeze.”

There is no reason to think that the 400 pound tech gorilla, known as Apple, won’t be under siege with its Ipad the way it was with its Iphone. As a reformed Iphone user myself, I can tell you that I am much happier with my Android product than I ever was with the Iphone. There are more hardware choices, frequent and easy to install software updates, many apps in the “market” that are either free or of low cost and the hardware all use blackberry compatible chargers, cables, etc. No need to pay extra for “proprietary” anything. Just go to any store and get whatever accessory you need at a competitive price.

And as the competitors take a greater share of the tablet market, all software vendors, including EHR/EMR, will be coming out with their products in an Android compatible format.

“If you build it they will come.”

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