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Violence In A Health Care Setting Is Still Unacceptable

Most instances of violence against health care providers occur in relation to psychiatric patients and facilities.  Just because a patient is a psychiatric patient, doesn’t excuse the person or their behavior. But, take a step back and consider violence in the non-psychiatric patient population. I was actually considering writing about an anecdotal experience at a […]


Customer Satisfaction Does Not Equal Quality Healthcare

The new healthcare reform law appears to be using the idea of improved quality to justify the enormous expense of changing the way care is delivered in the United States.  As a justification for the need for change is the reporting currently being touted as a great measure of quality.  This information is gathered in […]


A Return to Simpler, Cheaper Health Care?

or I’m Not Your Daddy I’m Your Grandpa Much is being written about the ever increasing cost of health care in the US, especially compared to the rest of the developed world.  As a nation, we spend nearly 16% of our GDP on health care.  All estimates predict that this amount will continue increasing unless […]