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Are All Health Care Related Blogs Newsworthy?

On a recent visit to The Health Care Blog, I ran across a blog entry by Dr. Robert Wachter, the undisputed father of Hospitalists and Hospitalist Medicine.  In this most recent post he references an article by a colleague cautioning the potential dangers of CT scans, at least the unnecessary ones, which can, in and […]


You expect your Doctor to feel your pain. Do you feel theirs?

When most people go to see the Doctor, it’s because something is wrong. And when something is wrong, you expect the person you tell to have some compassion and empathy for your discomfort and vulnerability. You expect that from your Doctor and when you don’t get it, you feel put off, upset and have no […]


Universal Health Care? We Already Have It!

The hot topic in the last several presidential elections has always centered around the same or similar issues; the economy, international affairs/terrorism and healthcare. The Clintons made health care such a large issue that Hilliary had to take that bull by the horns herself. Unfortunately, the bull drug her into the dirt. That’s a beast […]