Hi and welcome. First , as an introduction, I’m a practicing physician in the Midwest. I considered doing this blog as a way to vent, and as away to give my opinion on a variety of subjects related to medicine. They are many and varied. Whether it is the uninsured, the use of our Emergency Departments as clinics, illegal aliens using our limited healthcare resources, socialized medicine, managed Medicaid, Medicare, commercial health insurers, choosing a family doctor, second opinions, etc. You name it, I’ve either seen it, been involved in it or know someone who has.

I also want to make it clear from the beginning that this blog IS NOT intended to give anyone medical advice. What you will see is my personal opinion on whatever subject I happen to be writing about. I may address the flu for example, but I will not tell anyone how to treat it. I will tell you how I treat myself and my family. You can do with it what ever you choose.

Most topics in medicine, like religion and politics, generate great debate and emotional response. The reason is that medicine and medical care are so personal to so many people. We all know someone who has been ill, is ill, died after an encounter with the health care system, or heard about someone who can’t get the care they need. The cost of health care continues to rise, our deductibles and copays continue to increase but our benefits are withering away. What is the answer?

A growing number of people, common folk and politicians, are leaning toward socialized medicine. That mean that the government would be responsible for funding healthcare for the entire populous of the US. The government has done such a great job with Medicare, right?

I was always opposed to socialized medicine, not because of an issue of my personal income, but because of the government’s record for waste and inefficiency. Now, things are getting so bad that I would consider supporting some form of socialized medicine, if it could be operated efficiently, cost-effectively and truly takes care of the people who depend on it; the patients.

My greatest concern is that the healthcare lobby in Washington is soooooo strong that Congress will bastardize any true attempt at socializing medicine and continue to allow the greedy SOB insurers to operate “business as usual”. You can’t have it both ways. Insurers are too greedy to have their cash cows taken from them. The government can’t socialize medicine UNLESS the insurers relinquish their control over the lives they insure, their bread and butter. It won’t happen in my lifetime, so that means a “hybrid” system that will be expensive, inefficient and of NO additional benefit to patients.

Great ready. Things are not going to get better any time soon.

Doc B

My opinion is free.
Advice is worth exactly what you pay for it.